Modern Kitchen Faucets: Everything that You Wanted to Know!

There was a time when the only choice for people interested in buying kitchen faucets was a simple, functional tap in steel or brass. However, modern kitchen faucets are designed to suit the decor and color scheme of your kitchen. These faucets are not only available in a myriad of designs but also come with an assortment of features that can simplify kitchen chores. So, if you are interested in buying kitchen faucet that will suit your aesthetic and functional needs, here is a look at the different types of modern kitchen faucets available in the market and how to choose one that will be just right for your home.

Types of Modern Kitchen Faucets

You will find that modern kitchen faucets can be segregated into two categories; depending on the mechanism that is used in their design and how they work.

Compression Faucets: This type of a kitchen faucet will usually have two levers or knobs; hot and cold. Compression faucets are very popular in kitchen across the country.

Mixing Faucets: These faucets will have a single handle that controls both temperature and pressure. Mixing faucets are sturdier than compression faucets.

The design of the spigot is also an important consideration; you can choose a faucet with a functional, luxurious or overbearing spigot. For instance, faucets with gooseneck spigots are not only graceful and elegant but also they can fill large pots faster. On the other hand, pull out sprayers are extremely handy as they extend beyond the sink area and have an adjustable nozzle with a plastic hose. Finally, if you are looking for a simple kitchen faucet that will be appropriate for a small space, you cannot go wrong with a short spout design.

How to Buy a Kitchen Faucet?

The kitchen faucet is easily the most used accessory in your kitchen and the faucet with the maximum workload in your home, so while design, features and color are important considerations, do not forget to check for sturdiness when buying modern kitchen faucets.

Pick the material: Stainless steel and chrome are popular choices when it comes to modern kitchen faucets; these materials are easy on the eyes and sturdy enough to handle constant use. On the other hand, nickel and brass faucets can be purchased in antique finish for a traditional touch or a high polish look. Finally, you may also want to consider copper faucets; although an unusual choice of material, copper faucets can add to the look of your kitchen.

Choosing the features: Modern kitchen faucets are available with a plethora of features that can make life easy in the kitchen. For instance, a faucet with a sprayer will double up as a small dishwasher for dirty utensils and will get the job done faster. On the other hand, if you cook for a large family, you may want to consider faucets with spouts that rise up high and arch down.

Choose a design: A single handed faucet is known for its convenience and long life span; however, if you are looking for the perfect kitchen faucet to match your vintage style sink, you may want to go with a two handle faucet to get a classic look. If you have a double bowl sink, make sure that you buy a faucet that reaches both the bowls easily.

A little bit of research and careful consideration when buying modern kitchen faucets will save you the trouble and expense of changing this integral kitchen accessory later.